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Jnana Yoga and The Breath of Life

These writings pertain to the discipline of Jnana Yoga and the Realization of the Self. The main exponents of Jnana Yoga are Shankaracharya and Ramana Maharshi. After practicing Ramana's Atman Vichara for a very intense period of time, Salaroche attained the results prescribed in that discipline.

The facilities of the Vedanta Center in Olema, Northern California, were very instrumental in Salaroche's Realization. To visit the Website of the Vedanta Society of Northern California, please click here.

The road to the Vedanta Center in Olema, California.
Jnana Yoga and The Breath of Life

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About The Atma Vichara

About The Atman

Guest House. Vedanta Center.
One of the Vedanta guest houses in Olema, California.

The Most Intimate Universality

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Niihama, Japan, March 27, 2009. We all think our identities are defined by a number of characteristics we all learnt to ascribe to ourselves from an early age. Gender and ethnicity are just a basic couple of them. Then there's our own individual physical and psychological traits, our shortcomings, abilities and talents and a number of other personal identifiers of that sort.

But, are those traits and characteristics really the only things we are? Could there be something else much more meaningful and durable residing beyond that obvious cluster of attributes we have all learnt to believe form our identity?

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Vedanta Grounds
Vedanta Grounds, Olema, California

Jnana Yoga, Automatic Expression and Spiritism

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Sliema, Malta, December 29, 2008. These writings contemplate the practices
of Automatic Expression and Spiritism from the perspective of Jnana Yoga and from a perspective of plain reason.  

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Main Meditation Room. Vedanta Center.
Main Meditation room, Vedanta Center, Olema, California

Who's Afraid of the Morning Star?

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Okje Dong, South Korea, October 28, 2007. A rather entertaining view on the myth of the existence of the Devil, but with sober implications. Based on a thought I had on Friday, Oct. 19th, as I was going back home from a dinner party in my town of Okje Dong. I had had that same thought a few times in the past, but I had never sat down to elaborate on it. This time I decided to develop it a little.
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Vedanta Grounds. Jnana Yoga is the Direct Path.
Olema Vedanta grounds. Jnana Yoga is the Direct Path

Eternalism, Reincarnation and the Big Bang

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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, August 3rd, 2009. The Big Bang theory sounds like a modern version of all those Genesis-like mythological stories about the “beginning of time” that the world has been hearing since times immemorial. Regardless of how sophisticated may be the jargon they use to present it, the Big Bang theory still looks like just another well-concocted imaginative creationist tale of the Mayan, Babylonian or Egyptian sort, except that this time they have cleverly dressed it up in scientific garb. Still, regardless of whether the Big Bang theory makes sense to you or not, the question remains: why would beginning-of-time and end-of-days theories and stories be so fascinating to so many people?
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Library. Vedanta Center, Olema, California


Saint Cheese

This short story relates an uncanny episode I lived in Summerland, California, during a windy night back in December of 1998.

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A Reading Room. Vedanta Center.
A reading room. Vedanta Center, Olema, California