Similar exhortations to be good and avoid evil had probably been around for hundreds if not thousands of years before St. John wrote his fantastic piece. There is nothing new in the Apocalypse in that regard. What is new in that book is the context in which those admonitions and exhortations are presented: The end of “Creation.” Something was indeed coming to an end in St. John’s vision, but it was not the Universe. What was once again coming to an end was St. John’s own existence.

If by definition the Apocalypse is the most salient representative of all Apocalypse-like and end-of-days theories, it is also the best example of how fantastic and overblown such theories can often be. More importantly, it is probably the best example of how the collective subconscious memory of our recurrent experience of death and reincarnation may serve as source of inspiration for such kind of theories and mythological tales. In other words, most stories about the Universe’s finitude or Apocalypse are just blind extrapolations of the finitude of all living things that exist in this world, most significantly our own.

We see that all life on our planet eventually comes to an end and we infer that such has to be the case at all levels of “creation,” so we extrapolate our own unavoidable personal extinction to the level of the Universe. Our minds don’t seem to be wired to grasp the concept of Eternity so easily. If even some glorified intellects such as those of Einstein and Lemaitre were unable to conceive the Universe as an eternal entity, how can we expect the great majority of people to do so?

But that is all there is to the Genesis or the Apocalypse: No such kind of event has ever taken place. The Universe is eternal, it never had a beginning and it will never have an end. It never came into being out of some sort of atomic silly putty as Lemaitre argued, and it will never be reduced to ashes like some apocalyptic theories pretend. The Universe may change, it may evolve and reshape itself, but it will never disappear. It has always been there and it will always be. What has a beginning and has an end is each and every one of us. We were all born one day and we will all die some day in the future; and each time we have died we have gone through the same after-death stages and we have all fallen back into the recurring cycle of reincarnation.

And each time we have reincarnated we have brought with us into this world the memory of our past births and deaths. After an innumerable amount of reincarnations, those memories have by now become ingrained in our collective psyche in the form of encrypted recollections of our personal Genypse episodes, recollections that, once they occasionally surface to our conscious, become fantastic mythological and pseudo-scientific tales.

No one can have the slightest idea of how the Universe came into being or of how it will come to an end, because the Universe has never had a beginning and it will never have an end. Any stories pretending to relate one event or the other have their inspirational foundation in the collective memory of our repeated exit and re-entry from and into this world and rely heavily on the story-tellers’ vivid imagination.

God and the Universe are one and the same. God is eternal and the Universe is Eternal too. The Genesis, the Apocalypse, the Big Bang, the Armageddon; those are only misconstrued extrapolations of the memory we all share of our own recurrent cycle of birth and death. The reason that we all have some kind of collective subconscious memory of the beginning of time is that we have all experienced the beginning of our lives every time we have reincarnated, and we have all reincarnated an innumerable amount of times. Similarly, we all have a collective intuition of the end of days because we have all experienced the end of our lives a corresponding innumerable amount of times.

There could have never been a Genesis or Big Bang event recorded in the history of the Universe because the Universe has never had a beginning, and there will never be an Apocalypse or Armageddon event recorded anytime in the future because the Universe will never have an end. What has a beginning and has an end is the ephemeral life of the bodies and minds we inhabit while incarnated. The act of reentering this world through the wombs of all the mothers we have had in the past has represented the beginning of “creation” for each and every one of us every time we have reincarnated, just as the act of exiting our bodies at the end of our lives has represented the end of days for every one of us every time we have died.

Stories and theories about the beginning and the end of time are just illusions generated in our minds because of our inability to understand the wonders of reincarnation and because of our inability to understand the Eternal nature of the Universe and of our souls.

©Salaroche 2009


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