-------. Isis



I feel just like a fire
Looking at the Heart of this old world
Nothing else but pain and vain desires
Nothing else but dust under the Sun

You may say you’ve heard enough of such intrusions
People spitting at the roots of their own kind
But I know the devious ways of our illusions
They just turn us into Dreaming Nowhere Men

Beware of sweet distractions
They can end up building castles in your mind
They can fool you till the fluster of your passions
Makes you think you hold the world within your hand

Wake up, your Self is calling
There’s no need for revolutions to be free
Once you’re looking from the Towering Love of Knowing
Everybody’s just the same as you and me

(That I can tell you now)

Trace back all your perceptions
Realize they are but pictures on a screen
At the bottom they’re the root of our deception
All in all they’re just as false as any dream

There’s no way out of this maze if you keep trying
To release yourself with thoughts that keep you blind
Cause the naked core is always underlying
Well beyond the finest functions of your mind

Look through the Window now
Can you see your Self?
Drop your illusions now
Stop dreaming.