-------. Isis



Under Outlander Skies

Get off the plane over there
Get on the train over here
Sail on a boat 'cross the sea
Doesn’t really matter much to me
‘Cause I always end up where I was meant to be.
Yes the world’s in trouble
Yes, there’s such a lot of rubble
But we can’t live in a bubble
There is so much to see and so much to be said ‘cause we won’t
Be here forever…
Shine a light in time wherever,
It can all be so much better,
Make it true, make it right, let it timelessly shine over me
Wake up singing in the morning
Breakfast in the garden under the sun
Play a tune and sing together
Barefoot dancing on the sand
And there’s music all around
Catch a little falling star and
Keep it deep within your heart
Keep it lit within your head
Never ever let it fade away.