The Ways of Love

-------. Isis



There I was…
Forever by myself
Alone and ready to let go
When from the stars, out of the sky
There came your love

The fears and sorrows of a storm
I had created on my own
Became my wings when through your love
I was reborn

From that day…
I knew I’d never be
Again the fool I used to be
You took the madness of this world
Away from me

With just a look into your eyes
So clear and lovingful and bright
You took the wrong out of my life
And made it right

The Ways of Love
That play the Music of the Soul
The Ways of Love
Will fill our hearts with lasting joy

The Ways of Love
Mysterious, beautiful and bold
They made us One, forever more
The Ways of Love

I had tried…
To make myself believe
A lasting love I was to find
Through all the games that in my mind
I could conceive

Till you came here to let me see
The love Divine in you and me
A love that was, that is and that
Will always be

The Ways of Love…