-------. Isis



I know your papa may say
Children go back to play
But you and I we both know
You grew up long time ago

Your love is young, your heart is too
And so today I sing this song for you

That certain kook in your eyes
In every move you know why
In every touch of your hand
It’s easy to understand

You want to love, you need it too
And with this song I come to say to you

That I can promise you
Never leave you, promise you
Always need you, promise you
Never let you go

And I can promise you
Always near you, promise you
Be your dear love, promise you
Always on my mind

Your life is now in your hands
There’s no more time to pretend
The world is looking at you
And you know just what to do

Your love is young, your heart is too
And every day I want to sing for you

Now you believe that it’s true
‘Cause when we say "I love you"
Is everywhere that we see
The image of you and me

We want to love, we need it too
And with my song I’ll always say to you.

That I can promise you…