I'll Say it Quiet

-------. Isis



I’ll say it quiet like the pitter-patter of the rain
Until the day you’ll never be the same again
I’ll talk about it every day and night
Until the day you’re finally going to get it right

And in the morning of a brand new day
All of the color bubbles will have gone away

Then you’ll see it with your own eyes, everything is shallow
Nothing ever gets bright, everything is hollow
There’s no real story, there’s no real glory
Everything is in the layers within you and I.

All the games people play
You’ll give up with a smile
No more running astray
No regrets from the child

All your doubtings will fade
In the clear of the light
You’ll realize you were made
To see wonders with your own sight.

I want to hear you say you’re coming with me
To be what we are
Come say that you will
Reside in the heart

The signs in the sky
Are showing the way
Abide by my side
And this love will not fade away.