-------. Isis



Everywhere I look
I see it in the sky
The sky is in your eyes
And there is where I’ll look

You’re miles above the ground
And there is where I found
The grace that lies within
Is not obvious on your skin

With all that was before
I don’t need anything more
The things I found ashore
I gave them out the door

The girl is always there
Her love’s for us to share, yeah.

And now I’ve come to think
That shapes drawn with that ink
And all that crust was made
By people in the grave

And now I’ve found it’s true
That things I said to you
Are full of pride and shame
And no one’s there to blame

The car we drove around
Is nowhere to be found
And all the love I’ve got
Could be but just a thought

The girl is always there
Her love’s for us to share.