-------. Isis



Dreaming in the morning Metro, right at five A.M.
After beating the night away on this city’s drum.

Forgot all my tears and sorrows
I’m saving my best tomorrows
For today
I’m staying here ready to go

Hey, hey, hey… Are you still dreaming?
It doesn’t matter my friend
Ça fait rien, non e niente,
No tiene la menor importancia.

It doesn’t matter my friend
What is good is to feel pretty good in your bones
It doesn’t matter my friend
Light a spark in your head and let the good times roll… and roll.

It doesn’t matter my friend…

Want to take a sailboat and drift away with some dreamer
Got to start and go, got to see those places that I’m dreaming of.
To want to follow the sun, to want to follow the moon
To want to chase the stars is never really too soon
No, no, no, no.

Hey dreamer! Got to start and go!
Hey dreamer! Got to give it a go!

Coming like the morning first light, like a shining star
Is my love.
Pretty like the morning dew, are you.
Oh my love!

Take me within your circles, away!
Making love on the Golden Meadows, today.

La, la, la, la…

(Here I am again)