Jnana Yoga

About the Atma Vichara

The Atma-Vichara, or Self Inquiry, is the direct way to rediscover our Eternal Self. In constantly searching within our minds for the ultimate source of our Consciousness, serious inquirers will sooner or later unveil their Eternal Identity.

There are a few things we need to know about the Atma Vichara before engaging in its practice.

A) We are not our physical, emotional and mental attributes.
B) Regaining direct knowledge of our Real Self is an endeavor well beyond the capability of even the
finest functions of our minds.
C) The Atma Vichara is a powerful method that allows us to regain direct knowledge of our Eternal

Once we have understood the points listed above, all we have to do is practice the Atma Vichara with constant devotion.

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