I am 100% Pro-Israel, but I also Know it Was Israel who Attacked Iran First.
Da Nang, Vietnam, April 19th, 2024.

On April 3rd, barely two days after Israel attacked the Iranian Embassy Complex in Damascus, Syria, killing 16 people and, most importantly, killing Iranian Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Zahedi and a few other IRGC officers, I, among other observers, clearly saw Benjamin Netanyahu’s nefarious fingerprints all over the place and openly denounced his self-preserving desire to escalate the war so as to ensure his position as commander of the Israeli armed forces.

Now, as perfectly expected, Iran has retaliated against Israel with a volley of drones and rockets that, fortunately, were intercepted by American-made anti-ballistic defenses aided by the Jordanian Airforce and some additional logistics participation from neighboring countries.

And what is it that we all read and hear all over the western media? That Iran just made a terrible mistake in retaliating against Israel! Excuse me!? Didn’t Israel openly provoke such retaliation by first bombing the Iranian Embassy in Damascus on April 1st? Shouldn’t Israel be the one to blame for making such irresponsible blunder?

And now some Israeli officials are openly claiming that the Embassy attack was a miscalculation from their part and that at the moment they didn’t consider it as a provocation!? (See here) Excuse me again!? I am pro-Israel for my own deep-rooted personal reasons but, c’mon!! You don’t go poke the eye of an alligator and expect it not to snap its jaws back at you.

Yet, the whole Western world seems to be reacting in the same lopsided way against Iran. The European Union, for one, just announced they will impose new sanctions on Iranian Drones and Rockets, but what about the fact that it was Israel who initiated this armed tit for tat with Iran? No responsibility on the part of Israel?

I don’t sympathize at all with Iran’s oppressive theocratic regime, so, I am more than glad that Iran’s retaliatory attack did not cause the intended damage on Israel, but what is Israel going to do now? Retaliate against Iran so that, with their superior US-supplied weaponry they can inflict heavy infrastructure damage and human losses on Iran just like they already did in Gaza? And what can Iran be expected to do after that? Re-Retaliate? In short, a never-ending story. A lose-lose situation.

The sole beneficiary in this escalating conflict is clearly Benjamin Netanyahu. For him, to succeed in escalating the war means to succeed in deflecting attention away from the impending trials for corruption that await him as soon as the war is over.

But let’s not be confused by the one-sided version of events that are often broadcast through the mainstream Media these days. I am 100% pro-Israel, but that doesn't keep me from knowing that it was Israel who initiated the ongoing head-on hostilities with the Iranians. I am a longtime friend of Israel, but I also fervently believe that true friends have to tell the truth to their friends, particularly when our friends are in error.

So, in the name of peace in the region and with a view to keeping Israel from further soiling its heart and soul, I strongly suggest to them not to retaliate against Iran or, if they have to do it, do it in a minor, mostly symbolic way, so as to avoid Iranian casualties at all cost. Otherwise, the chances of all hell breaking loose in the Middle East might only be greatly increased. To read an article that elaborates on the subject, please click here.