Nixon’s Republicans Were Still Patriots. Trump’s Are Anti-American Conspirators.
Da Nang, Vietnam, April 25th, 2024.

Do you know why it took four years (FOUR YEARS!) for an Arizona Grand Jury to indict Rudy Juliani, Mark Meadows, John Eastman, Jenna Ellis and others for conspiracy to deprive the Arizonan electorate of their right to vote? Because until 2022, Arizona’s District Attorney was a Trump-nominated guy named Michael G. Bailey, who happens to be just another MAGA anti-American conspirator.

Under Bailey’s supervision, the “Fake Electors” case, as it is known, was left to linger in limbo in the hope that it might eventually be forgotten. But in November of 2022, Kris Mayes, a Democrat, was elected Arizona’s Attorney General, and in 2023 she took it as her official duty to pursue the case according to Arizona State Laws. Just picture that if Mayes’ opponent, the Republican Abraham Hamadeh, had won that election, the case might have never been brought to this point, as he would have most likely stalled it indefinitely.

Todays’ Republicans don’t seem to have the slightest respect for the country’s Judicial System. All they usually do is stand against any and all laws that may stand against their pseudo-messiah Donald Trump. “The Deep State”, they call it, by which they mean the Constitution of the United States and the American Judicial and Democratic Systems.

Recall that, on Aug. 7, 1974, a small delegation of Republicans headed by Sen. Barry Goldwater (R-AZ) came to Nixon’s office and, in the name of preserving the sociopolitical cohesion of the country, basically asked him to resign as he would most surely be impeached by the Senate. The following day, Nixon resigned. In Contrast, Trump’s Republicans have, time and again, circled the wagons around him shielding him from every well-deserved punishment prescribed against him by US Law.

No doubt the Republicans’ moral values have decayed and degenerated considerably since the times of Nixon, but that isn’t in itself the main problem facing the country. The United States has experienced powerful domestic threats against its integrity in the past, namely the Civil War, but never has that domestic foe been as pernicious and insidious as it is today.

The Confederate separatists presented a head-on, armed challenge against our Constitutional Democracy, but the MAGA threat is internal, subversive. It is like a deadly political leukemia that runs through the nation’s vital Democratic bloodstream. An advanced gangrene constantly putrefying one of the nation’s two political legs, the Republican Party, whose only cure may be total amputation.

Ronald Reagan wanted to minimize the power of the Federal Government in the affairs of the nation, but he wanted to do it within the law, through Democratic and Legislative means, not by destroying our Judicial and Democratic Systems like today's Republicans want.

A Conservative Party is essential for the political balance of the nation, but the GOP is no longer a conservative institution. It is now a proto-Fascist, pro-Autocracy, authoritarian national organization. No one who consider themselves true Americans should stay passive in the face of such deadly threat as the one the Republican Party presents to our nation today.

If you stand for the survival and the wellbeing of the Democratic and Judicial Systems of the United States, you have to vote against Trump in November. To read an article that elaborates on the Fake Electors indictment, please click here.