I Didn’t Vote for Joe Biden in 2020. I voted Against Trump.
Da Nang, Vietnam, April 29th, 2024.

The reason I voted Democrat in 2020 is NOT because I consider that Democrats are the best leaders the country deserves. I voted Democrat in 2020 and will do it again this year because, in the limited American political landscape, there is no better choice.

There is no chance in a million years that I may ever vote Republican. No way! I love America and to be a Republican these days means to hate America. The United States is the most successful, longest-lasting sociopolitical experiment ever undertaken by any nation in the history of the world, yet, those Republicans, particularly those of the blind, MAGA, hardline persuasion, refuse to admit it.

Their arrogance stultifies them to the point of being willing to throw it all in the garbage can if they don’t realize their narrow, Darwinist, proto-Fascist, Authoritarian misconception of the country. Yes, the sociopolitical waters that we Americans navigate in the United States are not as clean and clear as they could be, but American society still hovers among the top most progressive societies in the world.

But those stupid Republicans don’t appreciate what they have in their hands, they don’t value as highly as they should the blessings that entail being a citizen of such exemplary nation. Or maybe some influential guys among them do actually value what they have, but they over-value it to the point of thinking that the United States is indestructible and immune to domestic forces that may ultimately cause it to disintegrate.

And the Democrats are in no way off the hook in this situation. It is largely the Democrats’ fault that millions of disenchanted Americans fall prey to that pernicious MAGA demagoguery. It is the Democrats who abandoned the working and lower-classes of Americans, so that they now feel that hardly anybody in the US Government stands for their rights and their wellbeing.

And the present situation also points to a certain failure in the primary and secondary school system in America where children were obviously not convincingly shown the reasons and the facts why the American Democratic and Judicial Systems are worthy of defending at all cost.

For example, the moral values represented in the Declaration of Independence were obviously not instilled deep enough in the hearts and minds of those American children who, when they became adults, were easily persuaded to discard them as soon as a crooked, maliciously-talented demagogue asked them to.

The bottom line is that it takes two to Tango, and the Democrats share in the responsibility for the dire situation America is presently going through almost as much as the Republicans do. As I said. I didn’t vote for Joe Biden in the 2020 elections, I voted against Trump.

And the fact is that if Mickey Mouse had been running against Donald Trump in 2020, I would have voted for Mickey Mouse, as I would surely do it again in November, 2024.