Concerned About Your Shifting Political Perspectives

George Laroche

Wed, Dec 6, 6:34 PM (6 days ago)
to bill.maher

Dear Mr. Maher:

I used to enjoy your show almost on a weekly basis until you began trying to keep both sides of the political divide happy. You cannot serve two opposing masters at the same time, Mr. Maher.

I once heard you say (and I paraphrase) that we shouldn’t block out (cancel) people who support Trump because they are Americans too and they represent half the population.

That’s a very cheap sort of appeasement, Mr. Maher, and it has been very disappointing to many of us to watch how you adopt such untenable duplicitous position time and again in your show.

Just picture where would the country be right now if Abraham Lincoln had embraced the same cowardly position back in the 1860s. “Oh, the Confederate, Racist Rebels are Americans too, so we have to compromise with them.” No way! Lincoln was right in going to war with the South. Similarly, as the situation stands today, there is NO possible compromise with the Trumpers either.

This is no longer a fight to gain the political middle ground. This has already been an all-or-nothing situation for a few years and anyone who’s not aware of it probably suffers from some kind of disconnect from reality.

You don’t compromise with people who want to obliterate our Democracy, nor with people who want to turn our Republic into an Autocracy. No compromise! Regardless of whether those pro-Autocracy individuals are Americans, Russians, Chinese or anything else.

In embracing such duplicitous, cowardly attitude, you look like you are betraying your own principles and your own love for our country.

If the Trumpers want the rest of us to respect them again as Americans they first have to come back to the Democratic fold and become once again full-fledged Democracy-loving people. Otherwise, they, along with the rest of us, will someday soon have to face the consequences of their betrayal of our country.

Wake up, Mr. Maher, the American experiment is in real danger of failing and you don’t want to be one of those influential people who, by embracing highly mistaken and false patriotisms, end up facilitating the demise of our Democratic System.

Thank you for your attention.