The Sinking Feeling that Everything Might Just Go Catastrophically Off the Rails.
Da Nang, Vietnam, May 11th, 2024.

How do you feel when you know that Trump-appointed Judge Eileen Cannon, the judge presiding over Trump’s Florida documents criminal case, recently postponed that trial indefinitely for no obvious, acceptable, legal reasons and you see how impotent the American Judicial System is in not being able to demand that a trial of such historical consequence be allowed to follow its normal, expected course of action? What else can we possibly glean from such serious Judicial anomaly but that the whole American legal System may just be rigged in favor of that Jan. 6 insurrection’s mastermind, Donald Trump?

That demagogue fool is perfectly right in insisting that the American judicial system is rigged, but where he fails miserably is in not saying that the system is rigged in his favor. Just consider this: Two Impeachment trials where he was easily let off the hook, a Supreme Court that continues to hesitate as to whether ex-US Presidents are entitled to total royal immunity from prosecution, and an American Judicial System that continues to dither as to whether a convicted former Us-President should be thrown in jail.

And that shameless, Authoritarian, consummated-liar demagogue still goes around saying that he’s the victim of a witch hunt? That he’s the target of political persecution from the part of the Biden administration? That guy has been the beneficiary of a level of leniency from the part of the American Judicial System that probably no other American citizen ever has.

But that’s nowhere near enough for his MAGA religious devotees who demand total immunity for him. They want him invested with unlimited royal powers. They simply want him to be proclaimed the indisputable first-ever dictator of the United States. Trouble is, it is not only the MAGA rabble that demands such travesty. It is virtually the whole Republican Party, including powerful, influential Judges such as Eileen Cannon, and chief Justices of the Supreme Court such as Clarence Thomas and some of his colleagues.

Given all these ominous Judicial anomalies, would you be surprised if the Jurors in the “Hush-Money” case found Trump not guilty of tampering with the 2016 elections? Would you be surprised if even just one rogue juror declined to find him guilty, thereby producing a hung jury, triggering a mistrial, and delaying the case indefinitely? I wouldn’t.

That seditious, traitorous, anti-American aberration named Donald Trump has managed to sow an insidious seed of insurgency within the American Judicial and Democratic Systems that, if it doesn’t succeed sometime soon in reaping a harvest of deep, sociopolitical chaos in the country, it might take decades to uproot, if ever.

We are living in a deep and consequential inflection point in the history of the United States. That is why it seems only natural to get a sinking feeling that the whole damn thing might just go catastrophically off the rails.