Last updated on: 18 July 2024

This website contains four different sections, Writings, Photos, Music and Commentaries. It also contains a Contact page where anyone can get in contact with me.

My initial purpose in designing and implementing this website was to make my experience with Jnana Yoga available to anyone who might be interested in reading about it. Across time, I decided to add the other three sections, which I update as often as needed.

Jnana Yoga is one of the four main branches of Yoga. It expounds a discipline that leads to attain direct awareness of our transcendental universal consciousness, as corroborated by the Realization that crowned my intensive practice of that discipline in the early 1990s.

A similar Realization is attainable by anyone possessing the necessary determination to do the work involved. To read about Jnana Yoga and the Realization of the Self, please go to the Writings section.

The Photos section shows some of the pictures I have taken during my recent travels. In the Music section you can listen to some of the songs I have written that I usually record using my portable mini-recording studio. The Commentaries section contains some observations on a few issues that I consider worthy of mentioning, particularly as it pertains to the critical sociopolitical situation we have in the United States today.

Jnana Yoga and Salaroche

I was born in one country, grew up in another, discovered myself in a third one, and finally settled down for a couple of decades in a place that I came to hold very close to my heart: California. Now I’m back to walking a bit around the world again.

During my travels I have encountered people from different countries, races and backgrounds, and the more people I meet the more I reaffirm the common nature that exists between us. Regardless of the language we may speak, the traditions we may adhere to, or the way we may address, express or suppress our common human nature, at the bottom we all have the same instincts, needs and desires.

Everyone knows that a reasonable level of happiness is accessible to all and, in one way or another, we all seek to obtain a good and durable level of it. But the duality of things is an evident and unavoidable constant in our lives. To one degree or another, we all keep going from pleasure to pain, comfort to discomfort, happiness to sadness, love to anger, warmth to coldness, and so forth. Very few things seem to be permanent in this world, and happiness often seems to be the most elusive of them all.

But the real source of our happiness is within us. That source of happiness is the same Breath of Life that animates our bodies and minds. That Breath of Life is known in Jnana Yoga as the Atman. The Atman is one and the same with the Self and its substance is Eternal Being-Consciousness-Bliss.

Jnana Yoga is the sure direct path for regaining knowledge of our Eternal Self and regaining direct knowledge of our Eternal Self is the highest transcendental achievement anyone can aspire to in this life. Everything else is relative and ephemeral.

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